Juice by Wawira

If you want to shade some extra weight, light meals at night will help. Examples of the light meals incluide, small portions of food, pudding and blended juices.

Juice at night surely helps.

If you have access to a  blender then you are at a good place since you can make your prefered juice at your own preferred time.

Below is an example of juice, the nutrients there in and its benefit.

This is a blend of fresh orange juice, pawpaw, bananas. 

Orange has vitamin C which has the following functions: 

  1. Help in forming and maintaining connective tissues which include skin, bones and blood vessels.
  2. Acts as an antioxidant.  
  3. Repair and regenerate tissues.
  4. Helps in the absorption of iron.
  5. Decreases low density lipoproteins and cholesterol in the body.

Pawpaw has vitamin A and C which have the following functions:

  1. Lowers cholesterol. 
  2. Boosts immunity (vit A).
  3. Helps in weight loss.
  4. Improves digestion (fiber).
  5. It’s an antioxidant.
  6. Aids great eye vision.
  7. Protects against arthritis
  8. Has low sugar hence safe for consumption by diabetic patients.

Banana has potassium , vitamin b6 and C traces and dietary fibre.

  1. Potassium is an element in the bones and also maintain acid base balance.
  2. Vitamin b6 also known as pyridoxine helps in protein metabolism and is part of a coenzyme that synthesize nonessential amino acids. 
  3. Vitamin C is an antioxidant.
  4. Fiver aids in digestion and also makes one feel full.

Such a glass of juice will leave you feeling full thus you will not have to eat something else. 

There you go, one easy way to loose weight.

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