Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals.

A pregnant woman needs high amounts of vitamins and minerals because of the extra nutrients need.

Not all fruits, however, are recommended for pregnant women.

These fruits are:


The green pawpaw is semi ripe and it contains latex.

This latex causes uterine contraction hence there is miscarriage or early labour for those who are not due to give birth.

Ripe pawpaw has less latex compared to unripe pawpaw, hence, it has no effect on pregnancy. It is actually a good source of vitamin A and C.


Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapples causes spasm of the uterus and softening of the cervix when taken in large amounts. The affected group is the first and second trimester pregnant women.

It leads to early labour and miscarriage .

Taking pineapple is not totally discouraged. Take about 2 to 3 servings of pineapple in a week.

Point to note:

  • There should be total hygiene when taking fruits to avoid toxoplasmosis infections.

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