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Health practitioners advise mothers to exclusively breastfeed their babies during their first 6 months of life. This means a mother has to frequently feed to have plenty of breast milk. Mothers are encouraged to take balanced diets and plenty of fluids.

Losing weight during the first six months after giving birth is a problem to many mothers. The fat is mostly concentrated around the waist line. Dieting is not an option for these lactating mother’s and exercising is tricky because they have less or no “me time”.


  • A lactating mother does not have to binge eat to acquire plenty of breast milk . A balanced diet with the essential nutrients and a lot of fluids is all the mother needs. They can take three large nutritionally balanced meals or four to six small nutritionally balanced meals in a day with fluids and fruits taken in between. Fluids and fruits keep the mother full and so they do not snack in between meals.
  • A mother can engage in small, less time consuming exercises. They may not seem effective but they lead to weight loss when done passionately. She can exercise before going to the shower so as to clean off sweat and dirt for hygiene purposes.
  • Lastly, exclusively breastfeeding is believed to be the ideal way to lose weight during the first 6 months of giving birth. Baby under 6 months of age get the essential nutrients from Mothers through EBF. Mother’s should be cautious not to lose all the essential nutrients their bodies require. A mother can lose up to 400 calories a day from EBF.

All said, a mother’s main focus at this stage should be her child.

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