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Working out is not an activity done by many. A number of people view it as a tedious, time wasting activity. Dieting is an alternative but may not be the answer to a fit body and good health.

Why is fitness important? Our bodies need to be tuned to function properly. Some chronic diseases, to be precise, are caused by unfitness. Hypertension which leads to stroke and kidney failure can be controlled by working out. You lower or relieve yourself from stress when you work out. Ulcers and hypertension caused by stress can be cured through exercising. Your brain and the entire body’s functionality improves through the same. Excess fat is burnt out. The fat that form clots in arteries and veins causing high blood pressure and stroke. The fat that leads to diabetes type 2. Heart attack occurs mostly due to excess fat in the body that partially or completely form clots in the arteries that carry blood to and from the heart.

You do not need to be a fitness freak, you do not have to spend more hours exercising and exercising is not always boring. When starting out try some easy exercises such as jogging and some few sit-ups. Turn on the music or form a workout group to avoid been bored during workouts. Start out with a 10 minutes workout and progress as your body adapts.

These exercises and fitness aerobics icons by Graphixmania will help you through your fitness routine in the gym or at home.